March 2010 is special


It is the one and only month that you can find THE CITY PASS – an independent cultural guide – in and about


This one-off pocket-sized guide is designed as a personal companion, outlining and informing readers on cool things going on in all four cities.  With only 1000 copies spread over the cities, the treasure hunt to find your copy is ON!

A list of stockists can be found here.

We would like to trace the journeys of each PASS, from the printing press right through to their final resting places.  It would be great if you could take a picture of you and your pass, upload them and tag them under the tag TCF THE CITY PASS – do hash tags, geo tags, anytags, as long as you tag them as THE CITY PASS.  Let’s get a stream of photos going, let’s connect readers with authors, let’s connect the people of London, Paris, Brussels and Lille to each other!  We all live within a 2 hour train ride and apparently there’s 760 000 of us who travel on the Eurostar every month! Eurostar is the physical link, we are the cultural link.

We want to hear from you!