It’s about time I brought the blogosphere up to speed with the current status of this idea.  I wrote that the previous post, the launch text in September afterall. (admittedly I posted it later).

Well, the newspaper, although it’s still something close to my heart, is undoubtedly a large scale operation, one that demands a lot of care, collaboration, resources, and time.

So the idea has evolved into a more managable leaflet – a freebie – at least to start off with.  But its not just any leaflet.  The format is excellent.  It will be distributed in its A5 size, but its actually A2 cleverly folded up.  Not dissimilar to a map – although better.

The front page design is finished – more or less.  I will now be taking it with me to potential advertisers etc.

Beyond that, the plan is to have 4 to 5 short reviews from 2 or 3 cities.  Ideally they would be from all four Eurostar cities; however thats looks unlikely to be possible in the December blueprint edition.

(But so what if its not perfect at this stage, its a blueprint as I said and Voltaire said ‘perfect is the enemy of the good,’ so that has to be a good thing anyway)… 😉

Moving on swiftly, one of those articles has been done.  I can post it up in a sec.

The others are in the pipeline.  I managed to get 2 press passes to see ‘Money’ – a play based on Emile Zola’s novel L’Argent.   It promises to be a spectacular.  More to come shortly.  In the meantime, you can find out more yourself at

I’m also planning to see the head of public/press relations at Lille 3000 on Monday.   It’s a great exhibition space.  Check it out:

The December Copenhagen Climate Conference has been on my mind since the summer so I’ve always thought it would be a good feature article to have prepared for the edition.  Obviously there’s no point to cover policy or reactionary angles as all that can change in the run up, during, and immediately after the conference and that’s the domain of the up to the minute bloggers and daily papers – ie. not a monthly.  Monthlies need features that can stand the test of time (well a month at least) – so for this I wanted to examine carbon a bit more closely.  There’s a tremendous awareness of the climate change, large swathes of people have been mobilised, some even denying it.  There’s talk of carbon emmissions trading, carbon capture and storage, all sorts of policy.  But do we understand what carbon is?  Really?  I think it’s often overlooked in the media.  I wanted to take a closer look at carbon and the carbon cycle.  I had a great image in mind – a series of inter-linking cogs, representing the different emitters and receivers and their habitats, the great carbon sinks in particular.

However, with print, there’s always a space constraint. And for the A2-A5 leaflet, the emphasis is to be placed on things to do in the cities.  It is a city guide.  It’s called THE CITY PASS.

That said, if we can still fit a graphic-centric article in, and it doesn’t look out of place,  the carbon cycle will be at that centre.

Finally when you pull out to the A2 section, there you will find, four large rows, dedicated to each city.  A chronological list of our recommended goings-on.  A calender for the reader.  And an underground map of each of the cities.

So there you have it, the latest on the form the first edition will take, an insight into a few articles that we’re running.  And that’s it.  It’s been like talking/writing about how I’m going to cook a gourmet meal.  I should just cook.  It’s not a microwave job, it’s a marinate the night before and slow cook kind of job.

It’ll taste gooooood though. Just you wait.