Over the last few months I have developed an idea I had…ages ago.
It comes from an amalgamation of two needs or desires. I am half English, half French Belgian, I speak and read in English and French, although English is my first and natural tongue. There is a beauty in both the French language and the English language. Used properly they are artforms. One of the best ways of improving your language is to read. Reading a good piece of writing is something that should be cherished. Its usually easier to appreciate a mother tongue. However the need to read when learning a foreign tongue is much greater. The room for improvement is much larger; as is the quest to unlock its beauty. The quest can’t begin anywhere, and its unlikely to begin in the same place for any two people. People are at different stages in language, native or foreign.
Where am I going with this? Excuse my bloggish interlude.
When I read in French, there are times when I think to myself that was a really interesting way of saying that. I should remember that. C’est la tournure de la phrase, if you know what I mean. Its striking. Strikingly clear. And I feel enriched for having picked that up. But I wouldn’t have had that sensation had I not read that foreign publication. Many people would love to feel confident enough to read an edition of Le Monde, but more to add..