The Cross Frontier will be a monthly bilingual newspaper based around the Eurostar metropolises.  In a world where the smallest continent is demarcated into 50 nation sates; mankind’s historic urge to impose boundaries around his land to keep out strangers is being eclipsed by modern man’s eagerness to reach out and cross those very boundaries. 

Only 20 years ago, half of Europe was out of bounds; impossible to reach.  Many borders back then were real physical limits for many people.  Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, however, barriers all over Europe have gradually been taken down.  Europeans now enjoy an unprecedented sense of freedom to move across borders.  Whereas the border had existed to mark a real limit, borders are now there to be broken!  In this newfound European spirit, even the rising sea level of eons gone by that has cut the UK off from the mainland since the last ice age has been overcome!  Journey times from London to the continent are now comparable to those to the West Midlands! 

Language is often cited as the last remaining monumental barrier to cross-border mobility and understanding.  There are those lucky enough to be born internationalist; having grown up with more than one language at home, whose ease at crossing from one language to the next opens them up to an understanding of other cultures, people, and places.  The number of such people is growing, as perhaps is the envy of others, which has, in turn, motivated even greater numbers to learn a foreign language, to cross frontiers, and even maybe live abroad.  Together, these people are bringing down one of the last great barriers in European society.

Language reflects the world around us, and exists within its own particular framework, for us to communicate with one another.  Naturally any framework used to reflect the world around us is not something that can be dreamed up overnight.  Language is vast.  Language evolves.  Language, as the basis for literature, can convey the entire range of human emotion, and can be used for our enjoyment as much as for our intellectual fulfilment.  This newspaper hopes to offer just that, except times two; in English and in French.

We want to tell you about the news that affects Britain, France, and Belgium.  We want to interest you in the way things are happening over the border, and the way these things have or are likely to have consequences across the border.  We’re not partisan to any political party, but we cannot be without opinion, and so we invite you to read our opinion pages and welcome any comments you may have on them.  We have sections on the arts and literature, technology, philosophy, economics, and science.  We then have the City sections; short articles and recommendations on things to do this month in the four wonderful Eurostar cities of London, Brussels, Lille and Paris.  All articles can be found in both Engliah and French, just flip the paper round and you will see the exact same article but in the art and style of the other language.  The middle is where the two languages meet and will converge onto a beautiful image, hopefully transcending language altogether! The last page of English and French are for those who have taken the challenge to read their least comfortable language and gives a few hints and explanations on some of the linguistic quirks used by our journalists.  If you really are an equal master of both tongues; lucky you, you can enjoy the art and interpretation of language twice over, twice as quick.  Good job the content, no matter the language, is thought provoking!